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Mandragora Scream



Mandragora Scream - Informations

Quelques brefs éléments d'information sur : Mandragora Scream

  • Line Up

    Membres actuels
      Morgan Lacroix: Vocals
      Terry Horn: Guitars, Keys, Programming
      Furyo: Drums
      Max River: Bass

  • en quelques mots
      The MANDRAGORA SCREAM project - dark-gothic-rock band - takes shape in 1997 from an idea of the band’s lead singer MORGAN LACROIX. In 1999 Morgan cuts a demo CD with four tracks, titled „PromoTrack99“ at the NEW SIN studios in Italy.

      In 2000, Morgan is introduced to singer, guitarist and composer Terry Horn. The result of this magical artistic union is the debut album „FAIRY TALES FROM HELL‘S CAVES“, Published in 2001 by German independent label NUCLEAR BLAST/CAPIRANHA RECORDS.

      In 2002 MANDRAGORA SCREAM release their second album „A Whisper of Dew“, by NUCLEAR BLAST. Once again a concept album, centred on the enthralling vampire story purposely written for the band by Julio Angel Olivares Merino, horror-gothic literature writer and “ English Philosophy ” Teacher at the Spanish “UNIVERSIDAD DE JAEN”. Drawing inspiration from this tale, Morgan has composed the entire album lyrics.

      The two projects end up selling over 24.000 records on the whole and are received with stunning appraisal words from the critics, winning the consent of the greatest rock magazines worldwide.

      Mandragora Screma are also featured on various international compilations like Beauty in the Darkness Vol. 5 (2001), Mystic Art (2001), Nuclear Blast Vol. 6 (2001), Off Road Tracks Vol. 45 (Hammer 2003) or Beautiful Voices (Nuclear Blast).

      In May 2003 MANDRAGORA SCREAM are on the road touring with MORTIIS on the SMELL OF RAIN EUROPE TOUR 2003 in PRAGUE(CZ) , BUDAPEST(HU), ZAGABRIA(CR), NOVA GORICA(SL), MILAN(IT), WINTERTHUR(CH), FRANKFURT(DE), LILLE(FR), GENT(BE), UTRECHT(NL). In 2005 Mandragora Scream Release the Album “Madhouse” for Lunatic Asylum Records in Europe

      In the end of 2008, 2 new members are on Mandragora Scream Line Up, Furyo on Drums and Max River on Bass.

      In 2009 the band sign a New Deal with new World Management Gatti Promotion Heavy Division, the new management is based in Italy, in November 2009 Mandragora Scream Release the new Album “Volturna” a great explosion Industrial/Gothic Album.

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