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Angelzoom - Informations

Quelques brefs éléments d'information sur : Angelzoom

  • Line Up

    Membres actuels
      Claudia Uhle – Chant
      Bernd Wendlandt – musique & production

  • en quelques mots
      A new project, an unknown name thus far, a debut album. But the voice that already arises within the first song effortless above powerful celli sounds (played by Apocalyptica!) is a familiar one immediately: ANGELZOOM is Claudia Uhle, the voice of X-PERIENCE.

      Consequently it's clear that one of the most fascinating voices of the German pop scene is back with new material, live and on longplayer. Songs like 'Neverending Dream' or 'Magic Fields' reached the status of timeless classics long ago. X-PERIENCE – hailing from Berlin – will remain, but Claudia thought about putting her very own feelings and emotions into effect since the very beginning.

      Thus it is not accidental that the name ANGELZOOM got borrowed from a song on the first X-PERIENCE album which already shaped the soundtrack-like music style.

      Claudia's musical background reaches far: Her family is very into music (her brother e.g. is a member of X-PERIENCE as well and her father even joined his kids on tour once, playing the trumpet!) and she sang in choirs already when she was a child (e.g. the Berliner Staatsoper). Furthermore Claudia is a passionate organ and piano player and gives singing lessons although she still takes lessons by herself, too; she considers it as a "good training" and possibility to match the high demands she makes on herself.

      Describing the style ANGELZOOM turns out to be a difficult task. Terms like Ambient, Electro, Classic, Mystic, Dark, Dream and of course Pop may emerge. But perhaps only "Heavenly Voices" is enough? In fact that would be right somehow, facing the classical trained and unique voice.

      Choosing label Nuclear Blast may have been a surprise for some people, as the company from Donzdorf actually is known for hard metal. In fact, ANGELZOOM marks an exotic member within the NB family. But after the successful cooperation with Nightwish at the latest, the label has proved to have the right touch in dealing with themes that can't be categorized clearly as Pop, Gothic or Alternative.

      With "Angelzoom" Nuclear Blast has an album at hand that will get its place in many different CD collections: the Gothic scene will be enthused as well as those ones who put ANGELZOOM next to Enya. And it will please anyone who is searching for something against the hectic times nowadays – the ones who are searching for the soundtrack to their very own mind movies.

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