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Robert Plant



Robert Plant - Informations

Quelques brefs éléments d'information sur : Robert Plant

  • Line Up

    Membres actuels
      Robert Plant - Chant
      Billy Fuller - Basse
      Clive Deamer - Batterie
      John Baggott - Claviers
      Justin Adams - Guitares
      Skin Tyson - Guitare

  • en quelques mots
      In 1966 Plant left home, left college, left work and turned professional. In 1967 he cut 6 sides for CBS, formed the Band of Joy with John Bonham and created two working partnerships, first with Terry Reid; the two became friends playing on the progressive music circuit of the mid-60’s; and secondly as harmonica player and co-vocalist on various Alexis Korner ventures, which featured pianist Steve Miller and an opening act of a band known as Free.

      In early 68, Plant’s psychedelic dream ran out of steam. Bonham left the Band Of Joy to tour with Tim Rose, Plant working still with Korner.

      Terry Reid recommended Plant to Jimmy Page for a revised Yardbirds line-up, declining the gig himself to pursue a promising solo career. Plant recommended Bonham and with John Paul Jones, Page’s fellow session doyen, the four created and created.

      Since Bonham’s untimely death in 1980, Plant has recorded many solo projects and collaborated with a host of colourful accomplices. He and Jimmy Page renewed their long-time partnership in ’95 for four years to create the No Quarter project – a melange of North African, Egyptian and New Wave folk roots sounds.

      Plant’s attraction and affection to the music of Morocco, the Atlas region and beyond and his lifelong leaning towards the psychedelic indo-rock of West Coast USA, led to a new collision of styles and colours aka Strange Sensation.

      Their first album together ‘Dreamland’, received great critical acclaim and two Grammy nominations in January 2003.

      In recent times, Plant has recorded with Afro Celt Sound System and along with Skin and Justin Adams, travelled to South Sahara, North of Timbuktu in Mali to participate in the 2nd Festival of the Desert, a gathering of African Saharan and assorted soul musicians including Oumou Sangare, Ali Farka Toure, Tinariwen and Tidawt. This project ultimately became a CD compilation to be found on the Harmonia Mundi label.

      2003 saw the prestigious release of the definitive Plant retrospective, ’Sixty Six to Timbuktu’, which included a selection of Plant’s solo work from his first recording date to his appearance in Mali.

      As of Oct 2004, Plant has reassembled his Es Paranza label which saw its first release for many years. Robert Plant and Strange Sensation’s album, titled ‘Mighty Rearranger’ is a collection of 12 all new, all original songs released May 2005. A major year long tour has just been completed.

      At the close of 2005, the critically acclaimed Mighty Rearranger received 2 Grammy nominations.

      2006 will see Robert and the band embark on a new adventure with a string of dates across Europe and beyond. A stopover in Sweden in late May will see Robert receive the prestigious Polar Music Prize along with other members of Led Zeppelin. The prize awarded to ‘Led Zeppelin’ will be presented by His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden in the presence of other such dignitaries.

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Robert Plant Interviews

Robert Plant, le 16/03/2006 :

Robert Plant - émissions
    ZANZANA sur RTCI :
  • 16/03/2006 - Robert Plant - présentation du concert du 24 mars 2006 à Carthage, de son intérêt pour la culture nord africaine, des musiciens qui l'accompagnent, de Justin Adams son guitariste, du Hard Rock aujourd'hui, du Rock Business…


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