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Slayer - Informations

Quelques brefs éléments d'information sur : Slayer

  • Line Up

    Membres actuels
      Tom Araya - Basse, Chant
      Kerry King - Guitare
      Jeff Hanneman - Guitare
      Dave Lombardo - Batterie

  • en quelques mots
      "We definitely made our own road and there's not too many people driving
      down our road. Nobody¹s doing it."

      Coming from anyone else, this might sound like an idle boast. When
      guitarist Kerry King of Slayer says it, it¹s a simple statement of fact.
      Almost 20 years after Slayer first started blending the heavy riffs of metal with the anger and violence of punk, the next chapter in the Slayer story will be written with the July 10th release of "God Hates Us All."

      It¹s been three years since Slayer last released a record, 1998's "Diabolus
      In Musica," but it¹s not like the guys have been lounging around poolside,
      sipping mai-tais and waiting for the royalty checks to roll in. "We started working on this record after we got done with a long touring cycle, but prior to Ozzfest '99," says guitarist Jeff Hanneman. "And like every three or four months, something would come up to sidetrack us so we couldn¹t finish it. We¹d have to take a break and learn stuff for Ozzfest and come back, work for a few months, go in and do a WCW song for a month ("Here Comes The Pain"), go out on the Tattoo the Earth tour, last summer. Then we'd work for a few more months until we were asked to do a song - "Bloodline"- for the Dracula 2000 soundtrack, and that was the last break. Then we got our shit together, went up to Vancouver and made a record."

      Recorded at The Warehouse, a Vancouver studio owned by Bryan Adams, certain alterations had to be made in converting Slayer¹s new environs from a studio owned by a lightweight Canadian pop singer to something suitable for four men recording a 12-14-song album titled "God Hates Us All." Slight alterations, like a chalked-out crime-scene-style drawing of a body on the floor. Candles. Dimmed lights. Incense. Porn-covered walls. All the little amenities that make a house a home.

      "We had two banner flags that were of middle fingers," says singer/bassist
      Tom Araya. "As you walked into the first door of the studio, there was a
      Misfits skull that said, ŒEat a bag. The next door you opened, there was
      a white flag with a middle finger pointed up right in your face. You'd open the door to the mixing room, there¹s another middle finger. That was
      basically the attitude of Slayer in the studio. We had a red devil head on
      one of the speakers. We had a skull on another. That¹s the kind of shit we put up. Spooky stuff that makes you feel at home."

      Slayer picked Matt Hyde to produce "God Hates Us All," after his stellar
      work on "Bloodline" for the "Dracula 2000" soundtrack. "He had a handle on every aspect of the recording. He likes the band, he likes the music," says King. "He knew what we were trying to achieve, rather than just us telling him. He knew what was going on. I tell people he's God, might as well bring in the cross and nail him up to it because he¹s the fucking best."

      As intense a record as Slayer has recorded, "God Hates Us All" found King and Hanneman stripping the songwriting down to the essentials, trimming the fat and keeping the fury. "I didn¹t write the usual Dungeons and Dragons shit, looking in the synonym finder for words I have no idea what they mean anyway," King says by way of explanation. "This is a lot more how I talk, a lot more street. A lot of the topics are things people can relate to and they¹ll hear the street-style version, so I think they¹ll get more out of it."

      You¹d have to be deaf, dumb or dead to miss the message of songs like
      "Threshold" or "Exile" which crackle with the unchecked wrath Slayer fans
      have come to count on. "Threshold" is about reaching your limit in any

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