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Loch Vostok



Loch Vostok - Informations

Quelques brefs éléments d'information sur : Loch Vostok

  • Line Up

    Membres actuels
      Teddy Möller - Chant et Guitares
      Sebastian Okupski - Claviers
      Erik Grandin - Basse
      Niklas Kupper - Guitare
      Alvaro Torres - Batterie

  • en quelques mots
      LOCH VOSTOK , named after a subterranean lake in Antarctica, rose out of the collapse of Progressive Metal band Mayadome in 2001.

      After 10 years Drummer Teddy Möller was tired of the cheeze and decided to start something more meaty, hence LOCH VOSTOK was born.

      Three core members, Mayadome founder Teddy Möller, Keyboardist Sebastian Okupski and Bass Player Erik Grandin set about formulating a new act.

      Möller would switch from his erstwhile role as a Drummer to that of Lead Vocalist/Guitarist and with the incorporation of former Ramrod, 5 Steps Ahead and El Presidente guitarist Niklas Kupper alongside ex-Azotic Reign, 5 Steps Ahead, El Presidente and Imperial Domain drummer Alvaro Torres the band was complete.

      However, Grandin was to relocate to the USA and so former Mellow Poetry guitarist Tomas "Tym" Jonsson stepped in to fill the bass vacancy.

      Utilising producer Daniel Bergstrand LOCH VOSTOK cut a self financed album 'Dark Logic' entirely based upon infamous serial killers such as Henry Lee Lucas, Andreij Tzjikatilo and Ed Gein. The first label to pick up the album for distribution would be the Russian concern CD-Maximum.

      Shortly after the Russian release, Portugese label Magnetism Records contracted LOCH VOSTOK , and released 'Dark Logic' worldwide August 1st 2004.

      Sebastian Okupski decided to focus on his cover band "Bulldog" and is keeping himself busy with that, so LOCH VOSTOK then decided to find another keyboardist for the band.

      Andreas Lindahl from fellow-Swedish metal act Platitude offered his services. He played some live shows and recorded the new album with LOCH VOSTOK but then decided to leave because of the distance between Gothenburg, where he lives, and Uppsala where the other guys live and reherse.

      LOCH VOSTOK is a real band, not just another project, so they had every intention of finding a real full time member, who was also willing to take part in the whole songwriting process.

      Anima Morte keyboardist/composer Fredrik Klingwall had been a friend of Teddy and Niklas for quite a while since he recorded two demos and an album at Teddy's Blueflame Productions. They already got along real well, and was asked to join LOCH VOSTOK. Luckily he said "ja för fan" (wich roughly translates to Fuck yeah) and so, another chapter starts... welcome to the team Fredrik.

      The music is perhaps easiest to compare with the avantgardism of Cynic, the progressiveness of Dream Theater, the black metalish assault of Emperor and the sheer power of Agent Steel and the melodic death metal of Soilwork.

      The lake Vostok is a real lake, deep under the ice cap of Antarctica. It's an eternal lake with pure and fresh water, and it shows in the bands' music that they have taken their name from this freezing and untouched place

      Loch Vostok will create chills down your spine when the day comes for you to be engulfed by their fantastic music…

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