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Legion Of The Damned



Legion Of The Damned - Informations

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      If you haven’t heard of LEGION OF THE DAMNED until now, you have probably been in deepest slumber for the last years. The Dutch band appeared on the screen in 2006 with their strong debut “Malevolent Rapture”, delivered the same quality on “Sons Of The Jackal” in 2007 and convinced with “Feel The Blade” for the third time in 2008. The quartet took the hearts of thousands of fans by playing Thrash-/Death Metal in its purest and most brutal form and electrifies even the mostly spoiled audience at their furious gigs. The tight interaction, the elemental force and last but not least the extremely long hair of the musicians breed an enormous stage presence and bring a feeling back into Thrash, that has been present back in the Eighties for the last time. Now the band returns with its latest effort „Cult Of The Dead“- and steps forward without getting loose of their trademarks. But this time, everything is even more brutal, more uncompromising one the one hand and more diversified and packed with a long-term effect on the other hand. After the atmospheric intro ‚Sermon Of Sacrilege’, there follows ‚Pray And Suffer’, starting restrained in a ‘Hell Awaits’-style, just to increase to a Thrash Metal-crusher of special qualities. The dark title-track is a little surprising, as well as the grande finale with the cultic ‘Final Godsend’. In between, there are numerous fantastic Thrashers with big hooklines like ‚Black Templar’, ‚House Of Possession’, ‚Necrosophic Blessing’, ‚Lucifer Saviour’ and the killer ‚Solar Overlord’. Some experiments with harmony guitars and unusual beats (‘Enslaver Of Souls’) deliver more profoundness to the album. The album has been nailed within three weeks in Andy Classens Stage One-studio and comes with an aggressive sound, that connects modern drive with old school-spirit in a perfect manner. The guitars are sawing constantly, the bass punches the pit of the stomach and the drums move forward without mercy. The evil, perverted vocals of lead singer Maurice Swinkels stand embossed above the sonic massacre and divert into dark chants frequently. „Cult Of The Dead“ is the determining next step for LEGION OF THE DAMNED. The album is more brutal and more malicious than anything that has been released upon the world of music in the last time. It is a true inferno, a Thrash-/Death Metal-manifest, which will be very hard – if not to say impossible – to get ahead of for the competition. In 2010 LEGION OF THE DAMNED release their ultimate live-package with CD+DVD entitled "Slaughtering..." On January 7th, 2011 the long awaited new album "Descent Into Chaos" is being released - produced by Peter Tägtgren for the first time.

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