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Horea Crishan



Horea Crishan - Informations

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      Horea Crishan was born in the Romanian city of Sibiu (Hermannstadt) in 1945. He has always been inspired by Euterpe, the goddess of music. After his state examination as a violinist at the conservatory in Bucharest he moved to the Federal Republic of Germany. Since 1974 he has played the violin for the North German Radio Symphony Orchestra in Hamburg. Hundreds of concerts in many different countries with the best-known conductors and soloists of the world made him into an orchestra musician with heart and soul. Other than the violin, his second passion has always been the pan flute. In 1979, Horea Crishan began studying this instrument. By artfully joining the highest philharmonic precision with the instinctively evocative power of music, Crishan developed a totally unique and very personal style. For twenty years, Horea Crishan, the pan flute or violin soloist, has been a very welcome guest on many gala events and the big cruise ships like MS Europa, MS Bremen, MS Columbus, MS Arosa, MS Vistamar or MS Delphin.

      For more than 20 years, James Last has called upon Crishan whenever he needed an expressive, emotional pan flute. Of all his recordings for the label Intercord and Polydor, his biggest success was “Paradiesvogel” with the James Last Orchestra. His latest collaboration with James Last was recorded in the summer of 2007: several compositions for a film score of a new Constantin movie.

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