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Kruger - Informations

Quelques brefs éléments d'information sur : Kruger

  • Line Up

    Membres actuels
      Reno - Vox

      Margo - Guitar

      Jak - Guitar

      Blaise - Bass

      Raph - Drums

  • en quelques mots
      After a debut rocking and aggro-belting album “Built for speed”, the Swiss whiskey induced metal hybrid KRUGER, had made themselves known in 2005 with a massive, heavy, second album: Cattle Truck. Mixed by Fredrik Nordstrom in a very Swedish (think “thick”) kind of way, “Cattle Truck” has been acclaimed by both critics and public through Europe, and allowed KRUGER to share the stage with bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan, Isis, Cult of Luna, Sleeppers, Gojira or Unsane, with whom they hold the comparison very decently and even to play at the mythical Montreux Jazz festival !!!

      Flashforward to 2007, KRUGER delivers an epic an intense follow-up: “Redemption through looseness”. Gloomy and dark, yet overwhelmingly powerful, this album drowns the band’s acknowledged influences (Breach, Entombed, Tool, Neurosis) into an intense magma of shredding metallurgic charge, drilling vocal turpitudes and desperate, naked heaviness. Thematically stuck into out-of-subject considerations and cynical bottle stories, KRUGER drive faster and louder, crashing the post-hardcore clichés in their way.

      KRUGER’s next slab, scheduled for march 2010 on LISTENABLE RECORDS, sounds like the coup de grace of a four-album discography that has seen the Swiss quintet emerge from the post-metal-noise-whatever-you-call-it vortex initially born from bands such as Neurosis, Converge, Tool or Unsane. On the menu, shellacking mid-paced grooves turn into epic double-kick charges, while bourbon-soaked microphone torture reply to thick riffing wreckage; well, the usual shredding KRUGER stuff – with slightly more direct songs, though (think Breach, not Red Sparowes). KRUGER’s eight upcoming swaggering anthems are raging like a hound barking at your face, waiting to go for your throat.

      Known to drill a pile of debris where stages once were, KRUGER have so far shared mics spits with the likes of Gojira, Unsane, Isis, The Mirimar Disaster, Cult of Luna, Ultra Vomit, from Europe largest stages (Hellfest, Dour Festival, Brutal Assault, Montreux Jazz) to the deepest shitholes of UK, Netherlands, Germany and France. They like it ALL. Once the new album is out, they plan to export their turpitudeslive all over Europe again from April 2010 on, until death and/or senility.

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