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Agnostic Front



Agnostic Front - Informations

Quelques brefs éléments d'information sur : Agnostic Front

  • Line Up

    Membres actuels
      Roger Miret – Chant
      Vinnie Stigma – Guitare
      Lenny Di Sclafani – Guitare
      Mike Gallo - Basse
      Steve Gallo - Batterie

  • en quelques mots
      AGNOSTIC FRONT, the originators, the most venerable and notorious outcasts bring their classic sound into the next level! Using "old school" anger, energy and attitude with “new school” sheer brutality, Another Voice is a ferocious attack on the status-quo that doesn't let up for a second addressing some of societies worst problems with a genuine street-bred angst and fire that few bands posses. AGNOSTIC FRONT, with producer Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) and veteran guitarist Matt Henderson (ex-Agnostic Front and Madball), has proved yet once again with Another Voice, the anxiously awaited follow up to the “classic” One Voice – LP, that NYHC is still alive and kicking.

      AGNOSTIC FRONT the seldom contested, always respected Godfathers of Hardcore quickly etched their names in the concrete sidewalk with the classic, unchained, unforgiving Victim in Pain LP, an 11-minute long musical fight. That album established AGNOSTIC FRONT as one of the meanest-sounding bands in punk, helping create the term "Hardcore," and placing all of New York Hardcore on the map by association. Their strength through pain was an infection that still has no cure.

      AGNOSTIC FRONT, long outliving their now-legendary contemporaries like Minor Threat, SSDecontrol, Dead Kennedys and Black Flag, could easily live on their laurels. But the fight's not over! Another Voice is their newest outburst! Another Voice is the day-to-day reality of waking up, reading the newspaper, and walking around New York City’s rough neighborhoods. In fact, Another Voice takes a long, hard stare on why the world is still one fucked-up place. The album tackles some very real shit that’s going down; street justice, world destruction and back stabbing.
      Throughout their storied history, AGNOSTIC FRONT have been anything but hopping and skipping through candyland, but more akin growing up on streets, watching the lights shot out one by one. Jail terms have been served. Divorces have been filed. Close friends have died. Some have been murdered. Roger's back was even broken. All this said, don't expect Another Voice to be a mellow introspective album. While there are definite vestiges of their past, this latest outing is true to AGNOSTIC FRONT’S world today and not by merely dusting off xeroxed memories of yesteryear. The rhythms of machine guns that'll make your fists shake and to chant along to are there. But the songs are deeper. Inside is a newly found, darkened maturity - a distilled, finely tuned aggression that's spun on the long-running Miret/Stigma axis. The result is an album of cautious optimism through rage. It still ain't pretty. It's undeniably NYHC at it’s finest. An honest combination of One Voice and Victim in Pain, with a touch of Somethings Gotta Give. It works for several reasons. Roger calls it how he sees it. There's no rock star hang-ups or over-inflated head preventing him from walking through doorways. Roger self-effaces “We live this. It is our lifestyle and our way of life."
      Thirdly, Another Voice reaffirms that AGNOSTIC FRONT as a band, still works like a musical razor blade. Regardless of their history, the proof is simple: AGNOSTIC FRONT’S songs are hard, cutting, strong musical hit and runs.

      No one is born with tattoos. No one's born hardcore. But when the ink or the music sets in, you're changed. AGNOSTIC FRONT continues to be living embodiment that "hardcore for life" isn't an empty slogan or a musical dead end.


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