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Eric Morillo


Eric Morillo - Informations

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      Erick Morillo has remixed everyone from WhitneyHouston to BasementJaxx, from the SneakerPimps to Macy Gray. He runs the legendary SubliminalRecords empire and has collaborated with the likes of PuffDaddy, BoyGeorge and the Audio Bullys. He’s a platinum selling artist and has topped the charts worldwide as the producer behind Reel2Reel’s hit ‘I Like To Move It.’

      But his biggest achievement to date?

      I’d have to say it was when I bought my mom a house,” grins the New York born producer. “I’d put her through a lot of shit when I was younger, and like every kid I said ‘when I grow up I’ll buy you a house.’ To be in a position, so early in my career, where I could actually do that was the most fulfilling moment in my career so far.

      As a producer Morillo has been responsible for a bewildering array of tracks, under pseudonyms that include Ministers De la Funk, The Dronez (a project alongside Harry ‘Choo Choo’ Romero and Jose Nunez, which won the trio the remixer of the year award in 2001), RAW, SmoothTouch, RBM, DeepSoul, ClubUltimate and Li’l Mo Ying Yang amongst others. As a DJ, he’s played the world over and from his legendary Subliminal Session parties at Pacha in Ibiza , to his roadblock events at Crobar in Miami , Erick approaches everything he does with an unrivaled work hard/play hard mentality.

      I’m a workaholic,” he admits. “Sometimes I’ll be in the studio 24/7 - but when it comes to enjoying myself I can keep up with the best of them. At Radio 1’s party in Miami this year I was standing on top of the bar, two Tequila bottles in my hands just pouring it into clubbers’ mouths. That was a good night!”

      Raised in Colombia , then New Jersey , Erick was weaned on a musical diet of Latin rhythms, reggae, and hip hop. Having started DJing at the age of 11 and securing himself several gigs playing friends and families’ weddings, he decided to take a studio engineering course at the local Center of Media Arts .

      He was soon inducted into the house fraternity through his friend Marc Anthony (the Salsa King), while he was working with Louie Vega and Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez on “Ride On The Rhythm”. “Louie’s kinda watched out for me since the beginning,” smiles Erick. “He never really told me how I should do things, he’s just always been supportive.”

      After somehow scraping together enough equipment for a studio, the young Morillo tentatively approached labels such as Nervous and StrictlyRhythm with his fledgling productions. He was rewarded with little more th

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