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Harry 'Choo Choo' Romero


Harry 'Choo Choo' Romero - Informations

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      Je suis du côté de ceux qui essaient de changer leur son à chaque nouvelle parution. Le défi pour les producteurs est de NE PAS sonner toujours pareil et c'est quelque chose qui n'est pas facile à réaliser affirme Harry Choo Choo Romero. Une des têtes d'affiches du label Subliminal, Choo Choo a été à l'origine de nombreux succès sous son propre nom et en tant que membre de Ministers de la Funk. Ce trio complété par Jose Nunez et Erick Morillo nous a entre autres valu la bombe Believe réalisée en collaboration avec la chanteuse Jocelyn Brown.

      "I'm the guy pushing to change the sound from record to record...the struggle for most producers is to NOT sound the same every time, which is something not everyone can accomplish", explains the diversely talented Harry "Choo Choo" Romero. The DJ and producer remarks, “I am always into combining eclectic flavors and bringing new concepts into the studio".

      Sounds refreshing? Well, it's true. In a day when many young producers of dance music have talent and bright ideas, very few also have the forethought and the consistent reputation of Harry Romero.

      Harry had the privilege of being raised in a musical family -- his mother soaked the air with the Latin rhythms of merengue and cumbia, while his father, a former opera tenor, practiced his scales and listened to Beethoven. As a result, Harry is constantly looking to expand musically, and has.

      The Run-DMC inspired Choo Choo (the train conductor’s cap worn since childhood may have something to do with the nickname) felt the impact of the Latin-freestyle movement in the 80s, and jump-started his career as a DJ with a high-voltage performance at a New Jersey dance club. From there, he was taken under the wing of Millennium Music, a management company and production team. Harry worked with their label, Gossip Records (distributed by Strictly Rhythm), creating demos and gathering some useful industry-related knowledge.

      His first record, Soulfuric “Urban Turban” was clearly ahead of its time, weaving Arabic scatting with house grooves. Strictly Rhythm grabbed the record for release in 1995, and asked him to release a follow-up Soulfuric record, called “ Sea Of Passion ” which captured more Latin elements. Both records were licensed extensively, catapulting Harry’s name and music out into the world.

      A number of releases followed for labels like Emotive, Sex Mania, Power Music, and Gossip Records. One of Harry’s major breaks resulted from Robert Clivilles interest in one of Harry’s creations, “Il Futuro”, a house track with an Italian vocal from “World” EP. Robert asked Harry to write, produce, and arrange a song, “Saturday Night” for his 1996 LP “Robi-Rob’s Club World”. As expected, lots of work followed for Harry.

      Part of what the future was to hold was Harry’s decision to join forces with Erick Morillo and his now internationally famed label, Subliminal Records. Along with Morillo and producer/DJ Jose Nunez, Harry played a definitive role in laying the foundation for what has come to be the highest quality dance music label.

      The collaborations with his labelmates and others have been extremely important for Harry in developing his name and his body of work. Constipated Monkeys, Harry’s acclaimed p

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