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Liquido - Informations

Quelques brefs éléments d'information sur : Liquido

  • Line Up

    Membres actuels
      Wolle Maier – Batterie
      Tim Eiermann – Chant / Guitare
      Wolfgang Schrödl – Chant / Guitare / Claviers
      Stefan Schulte-Holthaus – Basse

  • en quelques mots
      . Since their founding back in 1996, the quartet from Heidelberg, Germany, received many success and accolades, including many gold and platinum records, selling millions of CDs and enthusing their audience live on stage worldwide.

      Founded in 1996, the four friends Wolfgang Schrödl (vocals, guitars, keys), Tim Eiermann (vocals, guitars), Wolle Maier (drums) and Stefan Schulte-Holthaus (bass) released the single "Narcotic" around 1997/98 through their own label Seven Music. Virgin signed the guys in 1998, 'Narcotic" got reissued and the amazing breakthrough of LIQUIDO followed. In December 1998 the single was certified gold and the debut album "LIQUIDO" (1999) was released in ten countries at once – a real sensation!

      A sold out European tour followed in March 1999 while "Narcotic" reached multi-platinum status in Europe. In April, the debut album got certified gold and second single "Doubledecker" entered the charts on high position.
      LIQUIDO is the best-selling German rock band 1999 with chart notations in Asia, Australia and Europe!

      Second album "AT THE ROCKS" (2000) entered the Top20 in several European countries and the first single "Play Some Rock" stayed in the German Media Control Charts for more than ten weeks. At the same time the band started registering successes in South America while their second big European tour led the band to the most important festivals all over Europe. The year 2000 also bestowed the guys with several awards: RSH Gold, Echo, Comet and Amadeus Award. "Narcotic" got certified second best song of all time by Hamburg-based radio station Delta Radio – directly after Led Zeppelin's classic "Stairway To Heaven".

      The band kept busy for most of 2001 while songwriting and playing European festivals. LIQUIDO released their third album "ALARM!ALARM!" in 2002. Again under the wings of producer O.L.A.F. Opal the band created true progressive gems: "Take Off Go Far", "Just A Boy", "Stay With Me" (soundtrack for the PRINGLES advertising spot) and "Why Are You Leaving", a track later used on the Bernd Eichinger movie Knallharte Jungs.

      More soundtrack contributions for the US-flick “Igby goes down” and international TV- and cinema spots followed. At the end of 2002, LIQUIDO had sold more than two million CDs worldwide.

      In 2003, LIQUIDO and Virgin ended their cooperation – the band got a new management, a new booking agency and in 2004 also a new record company: Nuclear Blast. The time between "ALARM!ALARM!" and new album "FLOAT" was used by the band members for their various solo projects as LSD Underground (Wolle), The Prophet´s Project (Wolfgang), My Early Mustang (Wolle & Tim) and Cages (Stefan and Wolfgang). In the end of summer 2004, recordings for "FLOAT" commenced, for the very first time produced by the band itself.
      First single "Ordinary Life", a track written by Wolfgang Schrödl, shows electronic elements and obsessive drumming – absolutely catchy! And the just in Berlin wrapped video clip for the track emphasizes the self-reliance of the band more than ever.

      Now it seems clear: LIQUIDO have truly found their own style. And above all, the band has explored completely new paths in their music on "FLOAT": "Flip To Play" for example combines vintage guitars with rumbling drums, garnished with vocals that don't need a fuzz tone anymore. Or "Fake Boys", a true club track with heavy, down-tuned guitars, pumping beats and pitched refrain vocals. "Valentine", the calmest song on the album, highlights a complex orchestration with heavenly choirs and playful percussions. In contrast track no. 3 "Love Me Love Me" is a tight trash-electronic number with pop appeal. Last but not least "Mr. Officer" points up that you have to expect anything from LIQUIDO in 2005!

      LIQUIDO ne

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